5 of the most effective ways to overcome excessive laziness


5 of the most effective ways to overcome excessive laziness

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Feeling lazy when doing work or studying is a natural thing. But we don’t want to, are we lazy all the time? How the heck are we so that we do not dissolve in laziness? Let’s listen to the article. In this article there are 10 tips on how to avoid feeling lazy.

Rest your body
This is the first way to get rid of laziness and it might sound awkward in your ears. How can laziness be relieved by resting? Is not resting can actually make us more lazy? Eits, but how to get rid of this laziness is true, you know!

According to the Succes Consciousness page, some cases of feeling lazy usually appear exhausted or lack of energy. So that feeling lazy is gone, then we are advised to rest so that fatigue in the body disappears, and energy in the body can be refilled. So from that, how to get rid of the first lazy is really relate for you to do later.

Give Yourself a Kind of Motivation
In addition to fatigue, feeling lazy also sometimes arises from a lack of motivation in yourself. So that laziness in yourself disappears, then you have to give some kind of motivation to yourself so that you are not lazy anymore.

The way to eliminate laziness with your own motivation can be done in various forms. You can motivate yourself by reminding yourself about the benefits of being a diligent person; or you can also by giving rewards to yourself if you can be a more diligent person.

Excessive laziness

Have the Goals You Want to Achieve
How to get rid of laziness is still related to how to get rid of laziness before. Having goals that you want to achieve (especially in 2019) will make you more motivated in living your days in 2019. That way, the feeling of laziness in you can disappear, and change to the spirit that makes you more productive this year.

Learn from Successful People
If you have difficulty motivating yourself, then this way to eliminate laziness is mandatory for you to do. See and learn how successful people overcome laziness in him. If necessary, practice what methods or methods they use to overcome their laziness. Who knows, you can be diligent and successful as they are.

Make a Daily Schedule and Obey the Schedule
In addition to eliminating laziness, how to eliminate laziness this one can also make you more disciplined. Because, how to get rid of this lazy one can make you better know when it’s time to work, rest, and even have fun.

Make a daily schedule with a clear division of time. Share clearly how many minutes / hour you work; how many hours do you rest; and when you can have as much fun as you want.

5 of the most effective ways

For example: work for a total of seven hours, where every hour you divide into two, namely: 50 minutes of work and the remaining 10 minutes of rest. Well, you can use the rest of the time for fun, whether it’s having fun at the mall, watching a movie, eating at a favorite restaurant, or any activity that can make you happy. But, you must remember, if all the remaining time you spend to have fun. Leave some time for you to sleep so you do not get tired, huh!

If you have made a daily schedule, then you must obey it as well as possible. Maybe initially you will find it difficult to do that. But, believe me, slowly you can do this way to eliminate laziness, and you can become more diligent, enthusiastic, and productive!


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