Fill in your free time


Fill in your free time

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How to get rid of laziness is suitable for you who have free time and energy, but do not know how to use it. If you have a hobby in a particular field, you can fill your free time by honing your skills in the field that is your hobby. Who knows, what was originally just a hobby can be a life skill that you can later use for the world of work later.

If not, you can do this way to eliminate laziness with other beneficial activities. For example: helping mothers take care of plants, take care of the house, or cook; follow the activities of the hobby or social community that interests you; and so forth.

The essence of how to eliminate this lazy one is that you should be able to fill your free time. Fill in the benefits mentioned earlier. That way, you will avoid being too lazy to move.

Don’t Delay Tasks or Jobs

Inversely proportional to how to get rid of laziness before, how to get rid of laziness is actually suitable for those of you who are working on a multitude of tasks or jobs. Tasks or jobs that are so many often make our bad moods and lazy to do it. As a result, we delay and worse, don’t do it at all. So from that, how to get rid of laziness is very suitable for you

You should not postpone tasks or jobs that are so crowded. Start working with all your ability. This is done so that you are free from feeling lazy. To make it easier, divide your tasks or work into several categories.

Choose which jobs are classified as light, heavy, tight deadlines, and which are quite loose deadlines. After that, prioritize which category of tasks or jobs are done first. As a suggestion, do a task or work that comes into light work or a deadline that is pretty tight.

Sometimes, you will struggle to overcome your laziness, even though you have done a number of ways to eliminate laziness before. That will certainly make you feel hopeless. In fact, you also feel that a number of ways to get rid of laziness is pointless to do. Even so, you don’t need to worry. The reason is, you can overcome this by eliminating this lazy one.

By being motivated (motivating yourself again), you can be more motivated to get rid of your laziness, even though you have failed and despaired. You can do the motivation by remembering the goals that you want to achieve; or remembering what are the benefits behind relieving laziness.

How to get rid of this lazy one can also be done by self-talk or giving positive suggestions to yourself. You just need to be patient and continue to do a number of ways to eliminate the laziness you’ve done so far. “

Pay attention to food and drinks that enter the body
Do not carelessly eat and drink if you do not want to be hit by laziness. Eating instant noodles will also make you feel lazy. Instant noodles cannot be digested quickly by the body.

Believe it or not, the body needs hours to digest instant noodles. Therefore the body actually gets tired quickly because the energy obtained is not proportional to the energy that must be expended to digest instant noodles.

Too full will also tend to make people lazy. Lazy motion (mager), the term young people today. This mager is the forerunner of feeling lazy.

Therefore do not eat too full. Regulate food intake not to overdo it. Eat before you are hungry, stop before you are full.

Tasks and Jobs information

Get into the habit of getting up early
Another way to get rid of feeling lazy is to get used to getting up early. Accustomed to getting up early, the body will feel more refreshed and vibrant. You can be better prepared to go through the day with more energy and energy.

Of course, don’t forget to have breakfast after waking up and taking a shower in the morning. Because breakfast will help you focus more in completing work from morning to afternoon when lunch time arrives.

To be able to wake up in the morning, you definitely can’t sleep late at night. At 10 o’clock at night your eyes are closed with your body lying on a warm mattress.

Staying up late will only make you wake up late. When you wake up in the afternoon, it tends to be more lazy to undergo a daily routine. The encouraging hormone that appears in the morning has already disappeared from your body.


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