Corporations or Startups, This is the Culture of Work


Corporations or Startups, This is the Culture of Work

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Are you an HR who just entered the workforce? Want to form a work culture in your company? Previously, know the form of your company first.

Is your company a corporation or a startup. Why do you have to find out first? Because these two companies have different cultures.

Then where are the cultural differences? This article will help you find out the difference. So continue reading this article below!

Corporate Work Culture
Let’s start with the word corporation first, so you don’t ask questions anymore. So the word corporation is etymologically known from several languages, namely Dutch by the term corporatie, English by the term corporation, German by the term corporation, and Latin corporation. So a corporation is a group of people which means “to set up a body” or generally the language of the company.

Then what about the corporate workplace buadya? In the corporate world, corporations provide something different. Those who work in corporate companies do not have to be people who know everything, but only focus on one job.

This is adjusted from the position they will live. They will be responsible for what is done according to their abilities.

The corporate world also promises periodic salary increases and they will be given several benefits. However, working in the corporate world will sound old-fashioned today, because today’s kids are more interested in the startup world.

Corporations or Startups

What is the startup world really like? We will discuss this later, but let’s continue to discuss corporate culture. So the corporate world will offer some pluses that benefit some people.

The corporation is an ideal place for those who are competent in special tasks and stable environment.

Well, that’s the way the work culture is in the corporate world. If you want to be an HR in a corporation or have worked in the corporate world, make sure you hire your employees according to the position they hold. Then, how is the startup world? Continue reading this article!

Startup Work Culture
So a startup is a newly established company that is in development and research to find the right market.

Surely you have often heard about startups, especially in this digital world, because startups are also looking for opportunities to profit from the digital world. Then how is the work culture formed in the startup world? The following explanation.

As a startup that employs less than one hundred employees, startups usually eliminate the hierarchy between boss and employee, this is to make the relationship between boss and employee more flexible.

In a startup culture, employees will have the opportunity to have regular contact with the CEO, exchange ideas with more portions, or just have lunch together with the whole team, things like this will not be found when working in a corporation.

This is the culture of work

Unlike the corporate work culture described above, employees in the startup world do not only focus on one job.

Those who work in a startup environment can also do things that are not their job. Actually this has its pluses and minuses, plus you can learn new things and also tighten up between employees because they help each other, minus you will find it difficult to focus on doing what you should do.

Well, that is if the work culture in the corporate and startup world. But there are many more differences from the work culture of the corporate and startup world. Then what’s up? Continue reading this article!