Criteria for Measuring Organizational Effectiveness


Criteria for Measuring Organizational Effectiveness

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An established organization certainly has a goal to be achieved. Whether it’s financial success or usefulness for the public. And of course, to find out whether these goals have been achieved or not can be measured by the effectiveness of the existing organization in your company.

Organizational effectiveness can be achieved if every individual or group in a company can do every job that becomes its responsibility effectively and efficiently.

Even so, maybe there are some of you who don’t know what organizational effectiveness is? Therefore, in this article, you will learn about the notion of organizational effectiveness and measurement criteria.

So, read all of these articles until they run out! There must be no missing parts, so you can understand the criteria for measuring the effectiveness of the organization as a whole according to experts. Let’s just start reading the article!

Understanding Organizational Effectiveness

Before learning more about any criteria that can be used as a measure of the effectiveness of an organization or organization effectiveness of a company, we first understand the related understanding of organizational effectiveness!

According to Georgopualos and Tannebaum in Tangkilisan
(2005), said that the notion of organizational effectiveness is the extent to which an organization which is a social system with all the resources and certain facilities that have been available to meet its objectives without waste and avoid unnecessary tensions between its members.

So, if concluded the effectiveness of the organization is the activities carried out by organizational elements that run effectively and efficiently so that it can achieve the organizational goals that have been set up previously.

Criteria for Measuring Organizational Effectiveness

After understanding the notion of organizational effectiveness, let’s learn more about the criteria for measuring organizational effectiveness according to experts, namely:

Sterss in Tangkilisan (2005) revealed there are five criteria in measuring organizational effectiveness, namely:

When a company is able to produce something for the company in large numbers and bring results or benefits for the company. And also can produce great benefits for the company.

Adaptation or Flexibility

When every element in the company such as employees, supervisors, managers, until the CEO is able to adapt well. In addition, they can also work flexibly.

Job satisfaction
Satisfaction at work indicates that the company has been successful and successful in achieving the goals of a company. Even if it is successful, the company should continue to improve quality or quantity in order to maintain its success.

Do not let the company fall asleep with the word “satisfied” then do not make changes. If it’s like that, the competitors might later make new innovations that threaten the company.

Organizational effectiveness can also be measured by the company’s ability to generate a lot of profits for the company. that means, the company is able to produce and sell goods properly and correctly in the midst of intense industry competition.


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