Cultural Differences in Corporate and Startup Work


Cultural Differences in Corporate and Startup Work

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Now let’s discuss the differences between the world of corporate work and startups. Hopefully this section can add to your knowledge of work culture in the world of work. So the difference between corporate and startup work culture is divided into three, namely work time, salary and benefits, and also entry selection. Here is the explanation!

Working time
For the first is the working time, when seen from the working time usually startups have more flexible working hours than those of the corporation.

Because in working in a startup company his work time is determined by his job. The faster it is done, the sooner it finishes, if the longer it is done yes the longer it finishes.

There are targeted targets that are set in a day, so employees who work at startup do not matter if they arrive late as long as the work is done.

As for the corporation itself, it usually has more rigid working hours and also quite binding rules. For example, if you are late for work, then you will not get lunch money or if in one month the accumulation of delays exceeds the limit, then there are rules for salary deductions.

Salaries and allowances
Then when viewed from salary and benefits, this startup is identical to providing higher salaries compared to corporate companies.

The tactic is of course done so that later can get the best talent for the progress of the company, because as has been discussed above that startup is a growing company, so it takes quality talent.

But there is rarely a startup that gives a bonus or allowance. If indeed the workers have good skills, the salary to be paid will also be greater.

As for corporations, the issue of salary and benefits is very clear. If workers can reach the target, then later they will get a bonus that is adjusted to the calculation.

Company Entrance Selection
In addition, the difference and work culture in startups and other corporations is in the selection of startups to attract more people based on connections and there are no complicated series of tests.

Cultural Differences in Corporate

So it will be easier to get into the company. As for the entrance test corporation itself is quite complicated, especially if the company is already large. However, it will get workers with good quality and ability.

You as an HR must be able to, yes, make a work culture in accordance with the background of your company’s form. You also have to be able to adjust it, because culture is formed from the needs of your office.

But make sure the work culture in the office that you create it must be a positive culture. Want to know what a positive work culture looks like? Scroll down!

So as much as possible you do not give intimidation to employees who are in your office, it will make them feel shy and avoid. This can make employees become unproductive.

Positive Work Culture
Although different forms of the company with different cultures, you HR must be able to build a positive work culture.

It aims to increase employee productivity and also make employees loyal to the company. Then what are the characteristics of a positive work culture? Here’s how to build a positive work culture:

Productive Work Environment
Employees will feel happy and enjoy the atmosphere at work when they feel comfortable and get a conducive atmosphere in the office.

Open and honest communication
It is no longer a secret that office politics usually causes the atmosphere and work culture to become very unfavorable. If employees can create honest communication, open to feedback, and work together to solve a problem, then congratulations, because it signifies a positive work culture in an organization!

Startup work

Therefore often offices make gatherings, this is done to increase familiarity between employees.

Fun atmosphere
It never hurts to occasionally laugh together and enjoy the joke in the midst of tired work. This way, employees can feel relaxed and less stressed than those who are only serious about working for a full day.

Because of this, many offices now provide facilities such as board games, card games, playstations, or sports games such as billiards or table tennis.

There is appreciation and motivation
Every individual in the organization has worked hard to achieve the target. There is nothing wrong to give awards and motivation in the form of bonuses, promotions, certificates, or other gifts to employees who have contributed to the company.