Find Out Examples of Correct Job Ads!


Find Out Examples of Correct Job Ads!

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The Human Resource Development (HRD) usually creates job vacancies or job vacancies to find the right candidate for the company. Jobseekers who are looking for work are HRD’s main targets so that they see and apply for the jobs that HRD advertises. But have you ever thought whether the job advertisements that you have made are correct or not? If you don’t know how to create the correct job advertisement, let’s look at the following article that will give you an example of a job vacancy advertisement that is correct!

Important Components in Job Ad Structure
Actually there is no standard sequence in creating a job advertisement structure. The order, of course, adjusts to the needs or urgency of your respective companies. Do you want to explain about the company information first, or directly to the core of job advertisements by highlighting the position that your company is looking for. It all depends on the creativity of the company where you work.

Examples of correct advertisement

Even so, before you make a job advertisement to look for workers or new employees, there are several important components in creating a job advertisement that you must know about:

Brief Information About the Company
Give a presentation of brief information that can explain your company. You have to explain in a concise but concise manner so that jobseekers who see the vacancies you are advertising can find out about your company.

You have to convey what your company is engaged in, products that have been created, work culture, or even your company’s official website so that people who read your job advertisements can access information on these website pages to find out more about your company, before they apply for a job.

Why is that so important? Because sometimes job seekers want to know whether your company is in line with their hopes or desires or not. In addition, he also wants to ascertain whether your company has the same value as what he believes.

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If your company is new, brief information about this company can be one way to introduce your company to the public. So that your company can be known and known by many people

Position Wanted
The position sought is the core of a job advertisement created by HRD. Jobseekers will usually focus directly on the position or position required by a company. After seeing what position is needed, new job seekers will start reading other sections such as requirements, jobs descriptions, etc. depending on the needs and urgency of the job seeker.

Suppose there are people who are looking for work in the position as a writer, of course he will look for job advertisements that match his interests. For example if someone wants to be a writer he can see job advertisements looking for the position of content writer, journalist, content creator, SEO writer, and similar work related to the field of writing.

Requirements or requirements that must be met by candidates applying for jobs need to be discussed in advance between HRD and the division manager concerned before a job advertisement is made.

This is very important because the capabilities needed in certain positions are usually well known by division managers who play roles as users. And of course this is adjusted to the target or goal to be achieved by the company.

Suppose a division manager needs a digital marketing that can increase company sales with a digital system. Then the division manager asks HRD to write down the ability that must be possessed by the applicant to occupy the position. Examples of capabilities that must be owned by a digital marketing, 3 years experience in the digital world, understand google ads, and other criteria that fit your company’s needs.