Jobs Descriptions


Jobs Descriptions

Jobs Descriptions or job descriptions you need to explain in the job vacancy advertisement that you created so that prospective applicants can find out about what things they will do when they are accepted into the position. So prospective applicants can prepare themselves as well as possible to go through the interview process to work in that position. So you have to explain in detail about the job description so that potential applicants do not feel surprised by what he will do when accepted.

Office or E-mail Address
You need to include your office address or e-mail so that potential applicants do not feel confused about where to send the Curricullum Vitae. Mention clearly and in detail so that no wrong address or e-mail does not occur just because you wrote the wrong address or e-mail. For address writing you should use the name of the street, sub-district, city, building number, even RT / RW if needed.

Application Deadline
Deadlines or application deadlines are also very important for you to include so that you have plenty of time to check applications that have entered your e-mail address or have come to your office.

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You can also do an estimate or estimate for the interview schedule or trial period before the applicant becomes a permanent employee in your office. Or even you can make a policy to extend deadlines if there are still a few or many applicants but do not meet the criteria.

Contact Person
Include a contact person or contact person if the applicant requires additional information not listed in the job advertisement. This is also needed if at any time the address or e-mail listed cannot be found by the applicant.

Make sure the number listed is the correct number! You can include the HRD number as the contact person for further processes such as interviews and probations.

Any benefits or benefits that will be obtained by the applicant is also one of the main factors of a job seeker applying for a job. The things you can list as benefits in job advertisements that you make for example:

What are jobs descriptions

Basic salary.
Health Insurance.
Transportation money.
Office facilities such as a gym or other facilities.
Breakfast or Lunch.
And other benefits that your company can offer to potential applicants.
Examples of Job Advertisements
After reading the important components that are usually in job advertisements, you need to know the following sample job advertisements:

Examples of Full Time Job Vacancy Ads
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Examples of part-time job advertisements

If you are looking for part-time employees, you can see the following sample job vacancies:

Examples of Freelance Job Vacancies
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Now you know how to create job advertisements from the examples above? So you don’t need to be confused if you want to make a job advertisement. After job seekers apply to your company, you certainly need to carry out further processes such as interviews and probihition.