Recognize the Definition of Transactions and Their Types


Recognize the Definition of Transactions and Their Types

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You must be familiar with transaction terms. Without us knowing we shop at the supermarket or wherever we buy goods that are recorded as a transaction.

In carrying out this activity, it certainly requires 2 parties who need each other. Transaction activities usually also involve products or various other things that are owned by one party and not owned by another party.

Every transaction will be recorded using both paper and electronic media and we usually refer to it as a transaction document tool. So what is the actual understanding of the transaction itself? Without further ado let’s discuss in the article below.

What Is a Transaction?
Transaction is an activity carried out by a person that causes changes to the assets or finances owned either increase or decrease.

For example, selling property, buying goods, paying debts, and paying various costs to meet a living need. In a transaction there is a transaction administration.

What is meant by administration here is an activity to record changes in a person’s finances or organizations that are carried out carefully and to use certain methods.

Transaction administration is intended so that the results of recording can be communicated to other parties.

Definition of Transactions Types

What is meant by financial transactions is an economic activity that can be measured by a certain unit of money, which can change the financial position of the company.

Definition of Transactions According to Experts
In the definition of transaction there must be various types of understanding, including according to the following experts:

According to Mursyidi (2010: 39), the understanding of transactions is an event in the business world and not only in the process of buying and selling, payment and receipt of money. But also due to loss, fire, flow, and other events that can be valued in money.

Sunarto Zulkifli
According to Sunarto Zulkifli (2003: 10), the notion of a transaction is an economic / financial event that involves at least 2 parties exchanging with each other, involving themselves in business unions, borrowing and borrowing on the basis of both like or on the basis of legal provisions.

Indra Bastian
According to Indra Bastian (2007: 27), the understanding of a transaction is a meeting between two parties (sellers and buyers) that is mutually beneficial accompanied by data / evidence / supporting documents that are entered into the journal after going through recording.

Recognize the Definition of Transactions

Slamet Wiyono
According to Slamet Wiyono (2005: 12), a transaction is an economic / financial event that involves at least two parties where the two parties exchange with each other, involve themselves in a business union, a loan, and others based on their own desires or on basic legal provisions in force.

Types of Transactions
Well, in everyday life transactions conducted by a company are divided into 2 types, namely as follows:

Internal Transaction
Previously, let’s discuss the meaning of internal transactions first, an internal transaction is a transaction that occurs within a company, which is a transaction that only involves personnel within a company.

Internal transactions place more emphasis on changes in financial position that occur within the company. For example, a memo from the leader to an employee, changes in financial value due to company setbacks, the use of office equipment.

Internal transactions against finance are made and issued by the company itself.

Internal transactions can also be interpreted as evidence of recording activities that occur within the company itself that are related to the financial position of the company.

For example in the elimination of debt obligations a business sector of a company and others.