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The company must be good at finding quality sources. Whether it’s natural resources for production or even human resources for the production and sales process.

Good resources will produce quality products. Where it will be very beneficial for the company. So, companies must be observant in the process of finding resources.

Gibson in Tangkilisan (2005) states that a effectiveness is
organization can also be measured based on:

Clarity of Purpose to Be Achieved

Clear goals and plans can make it easier for the company and the elements in it to set strategies for achieving mutual success.

Companies must have goals or targets to be achieved, can be made tables per month, per half year, or year. After that the company can evaluate whether the target has been achieved or not.

If many targets are achieved, then the company can maintain the existing strategy. But if it fails, the company can change existing strategies and create new strategies.

So hopefully with this new strategy, the company can achieve its goals well and easily.

Clarity of Goal Achievement Strategies
As already discussed in the previous point, after having a clear purpose. the strategy made must also be clear. If necessary the strategy is made breakdown one by one to facilitate the execution

After the breakdown becomes a to do list, the company will be more scheduled and structured in the implementation of work. So the company can achieve organizational effectiveness

Strong Policy Analysis and Formulation Process

The strategies that have been made can sometimes conflict with policies that have been previously. Here, the role of management in the company is very important to discuss it.

Does the next company management will change the policy or keep the existing policy at certain points but change it at other points.

It all depends on the company’s management policy. And of course the consideration must be based on the good of the company. Management must not be selfish, because the most important thing is to make the company successful. Is not it?

Careful planning

Planning something must be clear, measurable, and structured. Why so? Because if our plan is not clear we will be confused how to execute the plan that was made.

Measurable means that the plan we made can be done by existing resources or not? For example, to achieve the production of 1000 goods 100 employees are needed. It means HR must add employees.

Structured means, step by step is passed well so that no unwanted errors occur. For example in making a content, the program team and the communication manager do a meeting first, then after that the communication manager and his staff conduct a second meeting to break down all plans from the previous meeting. Finally, the breakdown results are ready to be executed by the staff.

Proper Programming

In making a company work program, the team must arrange it appropriately. All was done so that the program runs according to expectations.

The most important and urgent programs are sorted at the beginning, then the important programs are not urgent, and so on. The arrangement was also carried out along with the implementation time and deadline.

Availability of Facilities and Infrastructure
Good facilities and infrastructure will certainly support employee performance. For example, a smooth wifi facility so employees will work faster and easier. Especially if the company is engaged in the digital field, the dependence on the internet is very important

Educative and Supervising Control Systems
Employee performance must also be monitored properly. And if something goes wrong, the boss can do something that educates for problem employees.

Sharma in Tangkilisan (2005) states that there are several things that need to be considered for measuring organizational effectiveness, namely:

The ability to adapt to change
Employees can easily adjust to changes inside and outside the organization.