Retirement Preparation and Tips for Starting a Business When Retiring


Retirement Preparation and Tips for Starting a Business When Retiring

As an employee there must be a time to quit his job. Because of age and productivity problems that are not possible to work anymore. Unfortunately, not all employees know how to do or make their retirement arrangements well.

No wonder the percentage of retirees who are rich in age is very small. Actually opening a business at retirement does not hurt, but still have to remember your stamina is different from when you were still working.

Besides that, are you sure that the business will be successful immediately. If it is not a problem with the risks faced, then opening a business that can be a solution for you.

But if you don’t want to work anymore and just want to enjoy a quality retirement, you can, let’s look at how to do it here!

Understanding Retirement
Retirement is one period that inevitably faces every human being. A time when someone feels worried because there is no income anymore, loss of identity because they no longer work and confusion in filling up spare time.

To ensure you feel emotionally and financially secure during retirement, follow the steps in retirement preparation below:

Retirement Preparation

First, Never Disburse Pension Funds Faster
Many interesting offers that make you think of withdrawing alias take faster retirement funds. This is jeopardizing your retirement fund. Why?

First you have worked hard to invest money so far, while when the money is withdrawn then the money cannot grow anymore.

Second, when you withdraw funds earlier before the age limit for withdrawals, you will be subject to penalties, and usually in large amounts.

In addition to penalties, you will also be subject to considerable taxes for withdrawing funds at this time.

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If all the losses are added up, it will become so large that withdrawing funds early is not a good solution. This is very possible, when you are not ripe in retirement preparation.

Tips for Starting a Business

Second, When Your Salary Rises, Raise Your Pension Fund
Many people when they do not have savings and are asked when they want to save, the answer is later if there is more money or if they have increased their salary. Well, this also applies with pension funds.

Every time you get a raise, it’s because of a regular increase every year, or because of achievements or because of an increase in position. So it is advisable to increase pension contributions as a percentage increase in your salary.

Third, Create an Emergency Fund Savings Account
Make sure you have enough savings to meet your needs, for at least three months.

The reason is, sometimes there is a delay on the start of the pension or the process of disbursement of pension funds from the BPJS Employment. Or the disbursement that takes a long time.