Transformational leadership


Transformational leadership

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A leader with a transformational style always strives to change his team for the better. This change can be in the form of additional skill sets and the ability to carry out work faster.

Initially, the team that was led was given an initial assignment with a standard workload and a long work deadline. If it is felt the team can begin to do the work according to the target, the leader starts to give a faster deadline.

After that, the leader starts giving a slightly different task, with a higher level of difficulty to complete, and so on. Leaders with a transformational style will always push their teams out of their comfort zones with new and challenging tasks.

By giving challenging tasks, it is hoped that the team they lead can complete any task efficiently.

Charismatic Leadership

Leaders with a charismatic style can generally move the period or team they lead naturally to reach their goals. Generally, a person’s charisma is formed from the environment in which the person grows and the social values ​​that are considered important by him.

Charismatic leaders are practically natural-born leaders. It is difficult to turn a leader with another style into a charismatic leader.

Bureaucratic Leadership
One word for this type of leadership, rules. In carrying out their duties to lead a group of people, this leader always refers to the SOP and the applicable provisions.

You can generally find this style of leadership in companies with traditional work culture, where things like seniority are still common practice.

This type of leadership is not too fond of change and ways out of the box in solving problems. The approach taken by bureaucratic leaders is generally conservative and very careful in making decisions.

Characteristics of a Leader
The characteristics of a leader will have an impact on his leadership style. The following are characteristics that you can generally find in a leader.

You need to remember that not all leaders have the characteristics mentioned below, it all depends on the capability and leadership style of a leader himself.

A leader certainly has more intelligence than the person he leads. Smart is meant here does not mean that it has a high academic value, although it can be one indicator.

An intelligent leader is a leader who can understand a problem as a whole, look for creative ways, focus on finding solutions, not reactive and remain calm in facing the problems faced.

Trustworthy Leadership

The next characteristic of a leader is that he can be trusted. Leaders who are trusted by the people they lead tend to be more successful in achieving their goals than leaders who have hidden agendas that can harm the people they lead

Besides that a leader who can be trusted will gain loyalty from his followers.

Integrity is a commitment that someone has in taking a consistent attitude, based on the values ​​and principles that are embraced and embraced.

People with integrity generally have a strong, honest, and responsible attitude and character.

Good Communication Skills
A good leader generally has good communication skills too. This is important in the delivery of his vision and mission. Someone with good communication skills will more easily convey the contents of his mind both verbally or in writing in a structured, clear, direct and directed manner.

The next important characteristic possessed by a leader is the ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Sometimes a person is faced with two difficult choices, both of which will have a big impact.

A person who has this ability can make decisions quickly and accurately, based on an analysis of the risks and benefits of both options.

One way is to make the worst scenario out of the two choices and then the solution used to improve the situation.

Charisma is difficult to give an indicator of but is very easy to feel. Charismatic people generally have a friendly nature, say good words, and show genuine care for others.

Even so, charismatic people have the authority and aura of leadership and authority that can be felt by those around them.