Best insurance companies for you


Having to choose between the best insurance companies is not a simple task.

This is if you think about who you are going to trust with your place of life, your car, your health or your most precious possessions.

That is why insurance companies cover a good or a person in the event of a claim.

The insured pays a monthly fee, the price of which will be in line with the chosen insurance, and the insurance company undertakes to meet the agreed figure.

All of this is based on the criterion of compensation, assuming that the unthinkable event or incident occurred.

Types of insurance

When you hire an insurance company, you have to understand that not all of them offer the same services or coverage.

In the same way, they do not have the same price. Everything will depend on your tastes and preferences, as well as your purchasing power.

That is why it will always be more productive to look for specific claims rather than generalized and unclear services.

Personal Insurance

Life insurance: it assures you a benefit in case of death, and they are so various that it is unfeasible to say a precise measure.

Dental insurance: these are currently low cost and give excellent results.

Health or illness insurance: only 20% of families have this type of insurance. It is contracted to have effective and practical assistance.

For this reason, there are insurance companies in the world, which market with packs where they group different types of insurance in one.

However, the percentage of people who resort to hiring different insurers prepared in each subject of life is prominent.

The best insurance companies around

The most important insurance company is currently the China Life Insurance Company. As its name suggests, it is a company of Chinese origin, which is the only one working in the huge Asian region.

It is a complete unknown in Europe and America. It was founded in 1996 and is focused on life insurance.

Secondly, it is owned by the American Berkshire Hathaway Inc. It is one of the best American companies. It is owned by a millionaire and philanthropist Warren Buffet.

In third place is Allianz, which is the largest in Germany and one of the most important in Europe.

The fourth position is held by another Chinese company, Ping An, which markets life and non-life policies. It is considered to be one of the first companies to enter the insurance market in China, with a colossal potential market that has only grown with the increase in the purchasing power of the citizens of that country.

Fifthly, we are with AXA, which is the most important insurance company in France and has a strong presence throughout Europe. It is one of the companies that sell the most policies in terms of turnover. Its brand is the best known throughout the world as an insurance company.

Sixthly, we are with another American company, AIG, which was mainly affected by the recent financial crisis. However, it managed to come through and continue to be one of the most remarkable in its country.

There are more companies

In seventh place is AIA. It is the best insurance company with the highest profile in Asia, as it currently works in 17 countries in the group of nations. Established in 1919 in Hong Kong, until 2009 it belonged to AIG.

In eighth place is Metlife. It is a company focused on accident policies and also on life insurance.

In ninth place is ING, which, despite being a financial entity, became a considerable operator in the insurance sector. This is mainly because its origin is in the Dutch insurance company Nationale Nederlanden, with a strong presence throughout Europe.

In the tenth and last place, Zurich, another of the references in Europe and which has been in Spain for many decades.

Final considerations about best insurance companies

These, without a doubt, can be considered the best insurance companies in the world.

All of them have branches in all countries, which you can look for in your country.

The most important thing of all is that you seek to secure your own and your family’s future.