This is how the different types of bicycle insurance protect the transport of the future


In this article we are going to talk about how the different types of insurance protect us if we go by bicycle.

The new scenario to which we are getting used to forced marches supposes a great amount of modifications in our habitual way of life. In many fundamental aspects -hygiene, social relations, work, daily activities and responsibilities, way of enjoying leisure time …-. As there are many aspects, we have decided to focus on one of these areas, a crucial aspect that is also doomed to a major change of scenery: that of mobility .

In this sense, we are faced with a complex panorama, marked by the influence of two powerful forces: on the one hand, the degradation of the environment on the planet by increasing pollution; on the other, the brutal impact of the coronavirus on human health worldwide.

And both problems present antagonistic solutions: the first advises the prevalence of the use of public transport in order to minimize increasing pollution; the second suggests the use of the private one to avoid that the virus can spread with greater virulence and speed.

Then what do we do? Whenever possible, explore the third way, the use of clean public transport. In this sense, the bike , which was slowly gaining a foothold in Spanish cities in recent times, can become a great solution.

In fact, the bicycle is gaining more and more prominence in the new mobility, and numerous data demonstrate this: for example, during the first weekend of lack of confidence, the occupation of the bicycle lane increased by 300% in some Spanish municipalities; The search for bicycles in Google in our country has shot up 138% since the start of the state of alarm; city ​​councils increasingly choose to build more specific lanes for these vehicles, install bike racks and even help finance the purchase of bicycles.

Little by little we are heading towards a hopeful scenario in which more and more people use the bicycle not only for sports, but even for going to do business, meet friends or go to work.

What are the risks of cycling?

However, this comfortable, practical, healthy and ecological means of transport (and useful in the anti-Covid-19 strategy) also means, like any other, being exposed to numerous risks : from being robbed – due to its lightness and ease For transport, it is a vehicle, despite the use of a good padlock, easy enough to steal – until you fall and have an injury or injury (for not putting yourself in more serious cases), passing through causing involuntary damage to others, both to others people like other vehicles or street furniture. And it is also probable that in some of these situations we need help or assistance from mechanical or medical services professionals, with the economic cost that it can entail.

The importance of having insurance that protects us when we ride a bicycle

That is why it is a wise decision to hire an NSURANCE that integrates coverage that protects bicycle owners , guarantees that the insurance sector has created and perfected in recent years as the bike has gained greater weight as a regular means of transport.

For example, the most comprehensive home insurance , such as that of GENERALI, includes bicycles as part of the content of your insured’s house, financially covering its owner in case it is robbed inside the house or its annexes. In addition, a product in this field also covers civil liability for damages to third parties that have been committed as the owner or user of a bike.

The car insurance also includes guarantees in this regard as an extension of auto insurance, offering covers such as RC to third parties if we have caused any damage while riding a bicycle; legal defense and claim for damages after any incident of which we have been a part as cyclists; and bodily accidents, if we have suffered any damage when handling the bike. GENERALI car insurance also includes it.

In addition, in recent times, specific products have also been created for GENERALI’s Like Seguro Patinete & Go bikes and electric scooters , RC insurances that include coverage for personal and material damage unintentionally caused to third parties and help prevent risks derived from driving these vehicles in urban settings. Some of these insurances also have the advantage of covering, thanks to a single policy, the protection of all components of the family as bicycle users.

Respect the regulations and be prudent

But it is not only valid with the protection of the insurance, but we must be the ones who, as cyclists, take care of taking the necessary precautions: circulate on the enabled roads, respect the traffic regulations , adequately signal the turns and movements we make and, for Of course, do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition, we must take into account the specific regulations on the use of the bicycle in cities and take care to use the necessary material and in conditions such as the essential helmet, the bell and the lights of the bike. A reflective vest is also recommended, especially if we ride at night.

The main thing, therefore, is good practice and responsibility as a cyclist, and if that is added to the additional protection offered by good insurance, better than better.


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