What is Travel insurance?

  • Travel insurance covers incidents that may be suffered throughout a trip, from its cancellation to the loss of luggage and many more coverages.
  • You can take out a policy for a specific trip, for a long-term trip and even for several that will take place in a year.

During trips, whether on vacation or for work, the risks multiply . The user may lose the flight, luggage, become ill or even be forced to cancel the flight or the hotel. Making the reservation of the accommodation or the transport without a Travel insurance that covers it may result in the loss of the amount paid if it is finally necessary to cancel it or if the airport is not reached at the precise time, for example. In addition, when the destination is outside the borders of the country itself, vacations can multiply their cost if while there the traveler becomes ill and requires health care, extend the days of stay due to the impossibility of traveling or even return to their country with character. of urgency.

To cover all these circumstances, and many others, insurance companies offer citizens the possibility of contracting specific policies that guarantee their safety and well-being when they are abroad. Travel insurance is not compulsory, but it is recommended because it covers the risks surrounding stays outside the home.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is an insurance product that allows the user to make protected and carefree trips in order to enjoy it . They offer coverage throughout the world so that travel does not prevent the user from enjoying the best assistance and protection.

Its guarantees are adapted both to its duration and to the chosen destination or the purpose of the trip . It can include a wide variety of benefits, including the possibility of canceling or interrupting the trip, receiving emergency medical assistance or not having to face the medical expenses that may be needed throughout the stay. Thus, this insurance covers the previous risks but also the unforeseen events that may occur while enjoying it.

Take out insurance to enjoy the trip

Traveling always carries risks, and more if you do it abroad. Some credit and debit cards offer insurance coverage that can be applied to them and even some Health insurances have coverage abroad. In addition, public transport has Mandatory Travel Insurance, but hiring a specific policy extends user protection .

These policies are usually contracted for the determined duration of the trip, but there is the possibility of subscribing them for longer depending on the needs of the user and even opting for annual coverage. The guarantees are decided by the insured in order to select the ones that best suit him and adapt to his specific case and choose the best Travel insurance for him .

Information about the trip

Travel insurance offers many possibilities. For example, specific protection can be obtained depending on the duration of the trip or the reason for it. In addition, depending on the number of people who are going to do it, companies offer the possibility of covering several travelers or groups of more than 10 people in the same policy.

Reason for displacement

The reason for the trip is one of the points that insurers use to make categories among their Travel insurance and thus be able to adapt the coverage to the specific case. Thus, depending on whether it is a vacation, a cruise, a study trip, a business trip, or a ski getaway , the insurance can include from the reimbursement of the ski pass, the ski classes and the costs of piste relief. , up to the replacement of employees in the case of companies. Within each of the reasons for the trip it is possible to make the insurance from the duration of the trip.

Travel time

Depending on how long it will last, insurers offer different products. When they are a few days or a few weeks the common Travel insurance is contracted . But when what is desired is a single insurance for several trips, it is possible to subscribe to an annual coverage that protects the insured from the incidents that may occur in all those carried out during that year , as long as each of them has a duration of less than 3 months. You can also take out Travel insurance for a long stay abroad, which can be up to one year. The difference between them is found in the coverage period, and therefore in the price, but also in some of the guarantees they include, although these depend directly on the insurer.

What does Travel insurance cover?

Within the Travel insurance there are several types of guarantees , those that refer to health care and those related to its cancellation. Normally, the application of all coverages is adjusted to a limit agreed between the parties at the signing of the policy.

Travel assistance coverage

The most common coverage in Travel insurance are those related to assisting the insured during the same. From help for medical problems to theft of your personal belongings.

Medical assistance

One of the main guarantees of this type of insurance is medical assistance. This provides coverage in the event that the insured falls ill or suffers an accident during his stay, whether inside or outside his country of residence. In addition to guaranteeing medical, pharmacological, hospitalization and surgical expenses until the journey can be continued, health care goes further and can offer:

  • Displacement and accommodation of a companion of the insured in case he is hospitalized.
  • Extension of stay as a consequence of illness or accident.
  • Sending medications to the place where the insured is located.
  • Transfer or repatriation of the insured and his companion.
  • Transfer or repatriation in case of death .
  • Early return .
  • Management and coordination of healthcare services .
  • Translation service .
  • Substitution of the insured for repatriation in the case of business trips .

In addition to these it is possible to find others such as the payment of expenses for loss of documentation or classes in the case of a study trip, for example.

Luggage coverage

Along with healthcare, the loss or theft of luggage is the most contracted coverage. This guarantee gives the insured a monetary compensation in the event that the luggage or personal effects are lost, stolen or damaged during transport, and also in the event that their delivery is delayed when they have been checked in. The insurer advises the user to file the complaint and collaborates in the location efforts in addition to being in charge of sending it to the place of travel or the residence of the insured.

In the event that the objects were not stolen or damaged during the journey by public transport, some insurers also guarantee compensation when the theft occurs inside a hotel room or vehicle .


Some insurers offer delay coverage so that when travel is delayed for reasons beyond the insured’s control, the latter can receive compensation for the purchase of essential objects, the costs of accommodation and maintenance, and reimbursement of the costs of using other means of transport.

Accident coverage

On the other hand, Travel insurance may include accident guarantees to cover the insured in the event of permanent disability or their relatives in the event of death.

Legal defense

Another coverage is that of Civil Liability and Legal Defense outside Spain. With it, the insured can receive legal advice by telephone and have the expenses of legal defense as well as the advance of the judicial bond covered.

Cancellation of travel and insurance

Another coverage that can be of great use within the Travel insurance is the cancellation of the trip or cancellation. With it, the company allows the insured to cancel their vacations at no cost, but as long as the cause is included within the general conditions of the policy they have signed. Among the medical reasons why a trip can be canceled without cost are: illness, accidents or death of the insured or some of their relatives; citations for serious surgical intervention; transplants.

But they also usually include labor causes within the guarantee, such as the incorporation to a new job, the dismissal or the call for oppositions. Also when the insured is summoned to an electoral table or to a judicial procedure, when they are going to give him up for adoption a child or if the one who cancels the trip is his companion and they are part of the same insurance.


These insurances, like many of Health, usually do not take charge of the attention or incidents happened as a consequence of a pre-existing disease unless it has a vital emergency character . Neither by pathological states produced by the ingestion of alcohol or other substances. Outside the coverage there are also claims caused by the insured himself, such as loss of luggage by himself or theft, cancellation by non-urgent surgical procedures or epidemics.

In addition, in the event that the transport company or service provider covers the problem of the trip, such as the cancellation of a cruise or a flight, or the cost of accommodation due to delay, the Travel insurance does not cover it. However, on some occasions it financially compensates to compensate the difference between the amount delivered by the service company and the actual expenses incurred.

Insured trips

To enjoy a trip with complete peace of mind it is advisable to take out Travel insurance , and it can be done at any time, taking into account that any event that occurred before the policy was signed will not be covered. However, it is necessary to know that depending on the type of trip and the policy that you want to subscribe, some insurers establish that the hiring must be done during the 7 days following the purchase of the trip. In the case of exceeding this maximum term, a grace period may be imposed on the application of coverage, which means that during those days the user does not have the contracted guarantees, which will take effect after the period of deficiency or when the start date of the policy arrives.

When you travel you have to do it safely , but if you also take out Travel insurance that covers the possible incidents you may suffer during the holidays, you will be more protected and you will be able to enjoy peace of mind. Keep in mind the coverage and exceptions of each policy and rest assured, it is not a complicated process. If you enter the Travel insurance search engine of Rastreator.com you can compare the coverage and prices of the main insurers and choose one that suits you.


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